Our Screens

What makes the Ultimate Screens so special?

We have completely rethought the screen installation process, in fact we’ve pretty much flipped it on it’s head!


Stage 1: Assemble the main screen assembly, then hang this on the wall using the simple mount bracket.

Stage 2: Insert the black fabric backing into the screen frames fabric retaining channel using the supplied fabric tool

Stage 3: Add the 4K Acoustically Transparent Screen fabric into the fabric retaining track. (With most other brands, fitting the screen fabric entails placing a completed screen frame face down on the ground, risking damage to the velvet frame or marking the screen material!)

Stage 4: When the 4K Screen fabric is installed, all that is required to complete the screen is to add the front loading velvet screen borders. (Again this is really import as it means they do not have to be placed on the ground during the early installation phase!)

Stage 5: Enjoy your movie, you are awesome!

Thank you so much for your interest in our products.

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