Ultimate Track

Our unique fabric walling track is one of our latest products to be added to our ranges. Designed by ourselves and manufactured in the UK, we feel we now have the most installer friendly fabric walling system in the market.

We have designed the track system to overcome many of the issues existing track systems pose.

Designed for the UK and Europe using Metric sizing:

Our track has an 18mm Leg height. This means, unlike many of the imported system that are based on imperial sizings the installer can use standard MDF or Plywood 18mm materials to create support structures for sockets, speakers or lights behind the stretched fabric.

Larger Profile makes everything easier:

The 18mm leg height of our track means we have one of the largest fabric insertion channels available, this makes it really easy to tuck in excess fabric and multiple fabrics into the channel, which speeds up installation.

We have also used a thicker extrusion profile which allows our track to be screwed to the wall without the need for pre drilling.

Designed for Quick and Consistent Installation:

The larger base section, the 45 degree bevel and unique installation groove makes installation effortless. The installation groove on the outer edge of our track means you can fit the track tight to a wall corner, but the required gap for track expansion remains consistent.

The larger base profile and 45 degree bevel has been designed specifically to allow the use of powered collated screw guns (sometimes known as drywall guns). These tools have belt fed screws, allowing simple one handed quick installation of the track system.

One track for all applications:

The unique thicker section profile of our track and 18mm leg height allows our track to be used as both an edge and intermediate track profile.

Made in the UK:

By manufacturing in the UK (all tooling, extrusions and packaging) we are able to control the quality, lead time, cost and availability of our product far better.


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